Sargasso Radiant Panels

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Smith’s Sargasso S

Sargasso Radiant Panels are an elegant alternative solution to traditional wall mounted radiators, convection heaters and air conditioning systems. Sargasso provides heating solutions for a wide range of applications including, offices, schools, healthcare and leisure.

Sargasso Radiant Panels sit in a ceiling grid, or can be suspended from the soffit, and are supplied with hot water from a heat source. They form part of a ‘wet’ heating system. The hot water is fed to the Sargasso Radiant Panels and approximately 85% less water is required compared to a traditional radiator heating system. The benefits of this are that the system heats up much quicker than a radiator system. Cost savings in running such a system are realized because of the lower water content and faster heat up of the radiant panels.

Sargasso is available in two designs. The panels are 600mm wide and available in lengths up to 3000mm

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