What is BIM?

As part of its Construction Strategy (2011) the Government mandated the use of Level 2 BIM on all public sector projects by April 2016. Building information modelling (BIM) is now a requirement of most of the major construction companies.

BIM gets people and information working together effectively and efficiently through defined processes and technology.

BIM is a collaborative way of working, based on digital technologies, which unlock more efficient methods of designing, creating and maintaining assets. BIM embeds key product and asset data and a 3 dimensional computer model that can be used for effective management of information throughout a project lifecycle – from earliest concept through to operation – in a single asset information package.

BIM is a tool to manage construction projects with regards to scheduling and planning as well as avoiding potential construction conflicts between contractors enabling an efficient planning process for the whole project. The project is developed in a virtual world before moving to the real world. This information is available to all stakeholders throughout the construction process.

What is Smith’s Environmental Products doing with BIM?

Smith’s recognise the importance of BIM and therefore has its key products available as BIM files. As we develop and improve our products we update the BIM files accordingly.
You can also click on the product images listed below and download the 3D model with 4D assets.
As we grow and launch new we will ensure that the relevant are available at launch.