Solano® Eco – Unit Heater

Unit Heater

A modern and lightweight hydronic fan-assisted unit. Eco to heat open areas such as gyms, schools halls, workshops and showrooms, and Eco MAX for larger open spaces such as industrial units, factories and warehouses•

  • Lightweight for easy installation from <11kg to 25.5kg
  • High performance heat output up to 93.9kW
  • Air volumes up to 5700 m³/h and 3 speed fan
  • Attractive design
  • Solano Eco MAX version developed for use with heat pumps

Expanded Polypropylene (EPP) – Silver grey.

Suitable for wall or ceiling mounting.
Bracket design aids installation at also 30° and 60°.


  • Manual temperature regulation
  • Fan speed change
  • Ventilation in summer season
  • Control up to 3 pcs of HEATER


  • Weekly thermostat
  • Automatic change of fan speed depending on room temperature
  • BMS communication
  • Control up to 2 pcs of HEATER

Splitter MULTI 6

  • Control up to 6 pcs of HEATER

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