Sterling® Electric Door Heaters


The fan-assisted Sterling electric door heaters are a great low cost solution providing effective and dependable heating for both small and large commercial areas, fitted unobtrusively above head height.

  • It has been designed for rooms with limited lower wall space, such as shops and libraries

AC only

Outer casing 0.9mm zinc-coated steel
Polyester powder-coated white
Side panels: Polymer – white

Recommended installation height 2.3m to underside
Not suitable for bathrooms and other high humidity areas
Angled mounting (optional)
13 amp fused spur required
Unit must be earthed

Rocker switches for fan and element – fan only 1kW/2kW/3kW
Wireless temperature control featuring comfort, set back and run back timer (battery operated) supplied.
Overheat protection: thermal cut-out
Manual reset procedure: switch power off at mains, wait 20 minutes, switch power on

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