Ecovector® Vertical Fan Convectors

Ecovector® Vertical

Vertical fan assisted heaters are ideal for hallways, corridors, alcoves and other places where space is limited. Ecovector can heat up a room more quickly than radiators, thereby reducing the amount of time your boiler or heat pump is running – making it extremely efficient and cost effective

  • Ideal for new and existing building developments
  • Compatible with most types of wet central heating systems, functioning equally efficiently with conventional boilers, biomass technology or ground or air source heat pumps
  • Ecovector® Low fan convectors provide warmth from the floor upwards and are more energy efficient and effective than radiators
  • Ecovector® High is designed for rooms with limited lower wall space, such as shops and libraries

AC only

Front casing and side panels: zinc-coated steel
Polyester powder-coated RAL 9010

Mounting bracket supplied
Unit must be earthed
Suitable for two-pipe central heating systems
Minimum height above floor level 100mm, maximum height above floor level 500mm

Check water is hot enough to activate the selectable low temperature cut-out thermostat

Rocker switch – normal/off/boost
Low temperature cut-out thermostat set to energise fan at approximately 35°C
Wireless wall mounted thermostat included with this product

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