Ostro® Air Curtains


A range of commercial air curtains designed for use in the entrances of shops, offices, leisure facilities, hotels, schools, hospitals and most other public buildings. Ostro is available in 3 versions – W hydronic, E Electric and C Ambient.

  • Ostro air curtains are designed for use in regions with moderate or cold climates in spaces where the temperature range is -10°C to +40°C, in conditions that are free from external contaminants such as pollen and hydrometeor (horizontal precipitation).
  • In winter Ostro air curtains protect against heat loss in rooms by directing a warm air stream across doorways preventing cold air from entering the heated space. In summer, the air curtains can be used as cooling devices to prevent the entry of hot air and pollutants from the outside.
  • Available in hydronic versions (Ostro W) and electric versions (Ostro E), and ambient versions (Ostro C) without a heater for applications with entrances where no additional comfort heat is required.
  • There are 3 sizes, 1084mm, 1554mm and 2024mm available in all 3 versions.

Ostro W (hydronic)

  • Heat outputs from 10 – 40kW (inlet temperature of 0°C and inlet/outlet temperature of 90/70°C)
  • 3 fan speeds the hydronic version is fully controllable
  • Air throughput from 1200 – 4800m3/h
  • Low noise levels – 61dB at maximum fan speed
  • Maximum mounting height 4m

Ostro E (electric)

  • Heat output up to 14kW
  • Air throughput from 1200 – 4800m3/h
  • Low noise levels – 61dB at maximum fan speed
  • Featuring a new type of PTC electric coil which minimises the voltage on the surface of the coil.
  • Large heat exchanger surface area
  • Fully automatic heat control dependent on airflow
  • Auto shut-off if the airflow is compromised preventing overheating
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maximum mounting height 4m

Ostro C (ambient)

  • Air throughput from 1250 – 5000m3/h
  • Low noise levels – 61dB at maximum fan speed
  • Low energy consumption
  • Maximum mounting height 4m

Materials: EPP and steel.
End caps: grey finish. Steel main body: RAL 9006 white aluminium (white as shown in the image is available as a special)

Ostro can be mounted vertically or horizontally and side by side in tandem for larger doorways. To enable the correct method of installing Ostro Air Curtain mounting brackets are available as accessories. These are available as horizontal mounting kits and vertical mounting kits.

Panel COMFORT: Control of up to two Ostro Air Curtains Curtain is managed using the COMFORT control panel, which allows adjustment of the airflow and air temperature.
Magnetic door switch: A magnetic door switch is available to manage Ostro Air Curtain in conjunction of the operation of the doorway.
BMS communication module:  Ostro Air Curtains are compatible with BMS via a communication module, available as an accessory.

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