Caspian® Smart Control

Providing comfort with control and convenience

  • The Smith’s Smart Control has been developed to integrate several of the most commonly sought-after control features into one control unit and more.
  • At the basic level it offers room temperature control and additionally offers a range of time controlling features too, making it perfect for buildings that serve a varied community demand.
  • The Smart Control can automatically control the fan speed of the Caspian fan convector, adjusting it in relation to the air temperature in the room providing a fast heat up period when required, and the quietest possible operation during occupied periods. There is a manual override facility too.
  • Smart Control features a summer mode where air circulation can be achieved without heat in summer months.
  • The control interface unit can be flush mounted in the product fascia, internally mounted (tamper-proof) or wall mounted (remote) for convenience, for example, where the heater is at high level.


Schools, churches, village halls, community centres, offices, medical practices, retail outlets, restaurants, hotels and sports centres

More advanced capabilities

The thermostats can be used as standalone localised controls, or with the integration of our hub control multiple thermostats using our ZigBee platform and controlled via app over the internet. This level of control is cost effective and is far more economical than using a full BMS system. The control system with the app is very configurable to the needs of the building users and can integrate with many other smart features, like boiler receivers, door, and window sensors. A key advantage to many community buildings is the ability to control the buildings’ services remotely and the app makes this all possible.
Smith’s Smart Control can become a part of a much wider control system in a building. It is possible to integrate wireless relays to control other appliances like boilers, along with proximity sensors to control lighting. The system can be expanded in many ways and the app can interact with other apps using IFTTT. The only limit is your creativity and willingness to embrace new technologies.

The specific features of the thermostat are:

  • Control of 2/4 pipe fan coils
  • Multiple configurations
  • Large LCD
  • Maintain room temperature via built in temperature sensor, or external room temperature/return air temperature sensor
  • Programming options: 5+2 (5 days same +2days same); individual day every week; all 7 days same
  • ECO mode
  • Fan speed Hi/Mi/Lo control (automatic or manual)
  • Advanced fan control functions (fan start/stop, delay, fan continuously running in manual mode, or depending on heating/cooling demand)
  • Auto Frost protection
  • Configurable inputs (occupancy sensor or temperature)
  • Installer settings
  • Span or TPI temperature control algorithm
  • Local or remote control by Smart Home App
  • Wireless software update by UG600
  • Dirty filter notification
  • User settings are saved and restored after power break
  • Button lock function

Technical Support

It can be difficult to assess the requirements for a buildings control strategy, so Smith’s Technical Support Team will help guide you through, with proposals for your project. Where drawings can be provided, a desktop exercise can be undertaken to specify the required components, but we are happy to attend site too. We have taken great care to ensure we have partnered with the best possible providers and have undertaken various site tests in public buildings. Smith’s can bring experience to your project and assist in conveying the many benefits to your customers.

The Smith’s technical sales team is available to offer free, no-obligation advice on the best heating solution for an almost exhaustive range of applications. Contact us