Caspian® LST Fan Convectors


Caspian LST (Low Surface Temperature) is ideal for applications where vulnerable people need protecting from hot surfaces, such as in schools and certain healthcare applications

  • Caspian LST (low surface temperature) fan convectors fully complies with the NHS Estates Health Guidance Notes, “Safe hot water and surface temperatures” (formally known as DN4) and has been independently verified by BSRIA
  • Using EC technology and meeting the DN4 legislation 100% of the time, this hydronic fan convector provides complete peace of mind for specifiers choosing the Caspian
  • Any building registered under the Registered Homes Act 1984, including hospitals, clinics, surgeries and other health care premises, requires heat emitters whose maximum surface temperature must not exceed 43°C. This also extends to social services personal care properties, and may also apply to any
    property where occupants may be at risk of burns to their skin if they came into prolonged (10 seconds or more) contact with a standard heat emitter
  • As well as healthcare applications Caspian LST is the ideal choice for schools and nurseries where the risk of children coming into contact with higher surface temperature heat emitters can be avoided
  • Caspian LST range is patented (UK Patent No. 2,555,566)
  • Available with antibacterial paint – for more information click here

EC (BMS compliant)

Casing: zinc-coated steel 1.2mm
Polyester powdercoated: white RAL 9010
Available to special order in any colour and with anti-microbial or anti-bacterial paint – for more information click here

Class G2, 100% polyester, non-washable

Suitable for two-pipe central heating systems.
Pipework access holes on the rear and underside.
Key operated front access panels. Bleed valve accessible on removal of front casing. Unit must be earthed.

Check water is hot enough to activate the low temperature cut-out thermostat
Regulate the flow to achieve maximum performance

Variable heat output controller (mounted within the products)

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