Aegean® Fan Coils

Aegean SFC235

Aegean SFC260

Aegean SVFC500

A range of fan coils suitable for all kinds of commercial applications, from restaurants and hotels to office developments, with the ability to rapidly heat and cool large areas with much greater efficiency than other similar heating and cooling systems.

Aegean has been thoroughly updated for 2023 incorporating some key features to future-proof the design and its capabilities:

  1. New updated Aegean has 5-row coils which can to be adjusted for low LPHW temperatures. Other fan coil units have a 4-row deep coil block with 3½-rows of cooling and ½-row of heating. Aegean has a 5-row deep block so it can have up to 1½-rows of heating. This futureproofs Aegean and ensures its suitability for the very low LPHW temperatures that are now being used for carbon reduction.
  2. Flexibility to change coils Smith’s has their own coil line that means that we can quickly change coil codes to alter pressure drops and outputs as required.
  3. Shallow units Smith’s has been able to incorporate Ø160mm Torin© fans into the Aegean 260mm version.
  4. Pod fans Aegean is fitted with DIDW centrifugal pod fans. These fans are much more flexible than the more commonly used deck or tangential fans.

As part of the product update for Aegean the full range underwent independent performance testing at BSRIA and noise testing at SRL.

Incorporating the latest EC motor technology, which can result in running-cost savings as high as 80%, and with variable speed control as standard, the Aegean fan coils delivers heat quickly and quietly. Aegean with its EC fans are very efficient and fully comply with the Part L of the Building Regulations (2010). By using the variable fan speed, unoccupied setbacks etc. using the precise control provided by the BMS interfaces further energy consumption can be achieved. The Aegean range of fan coils is compatible with most types of renewable heat sources

Aegean is available in 2 horizontal sizes at 235mm and 260mm, and one vertical size at 500mm.

  • EC motor (BMS compatible for easy integration)
  • Low sound levels
  • Fully attenuated discharge plenum
  • Positive fall drain tray
  • Designed and made in the UK

Chassis manufactured from 1.2mm hot dipped galvanised steel.
All flanges formed inward facing to prevent exposure to bare metal edge.

Flow and return connections 15mm.
Designed for system pressures up to 10 bar.
Fan coils are 4-pipe coils (heating and cooling circuit).

Customised requirements
All leading manufacturers controls factory fitted.
Acoustically lined inlet plenum.
Rectangular spigot connection (vertical only).
Concealed/hidden applications (underfloor, behind false walls and ceilings).
Bespoke options.

Aegean is a highly configurable bespoke product. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. To download the brochure please click here

The Smith’s technical sales team is available to offer free, no-obligation advice on the best heating solution for an almost exhaustive range of commercial applications. Contact us