Spacemaker Recessed Fan Convectors

Spacemaker Recessed

A fan convector that installs flush with the floor, providing efficient and effective heat at low level.

  • Perfect for places in the home where space is particularly limited
  • Ideal for spaces such as entrance halls, lobbies, circulation areas and applications where wall space is limited

AC only

Anodised aluminium grille with removable centre section

Installs between floor joists or purpose made trenches in concrete floors
Air intake and discharge through grille
Unit must be earthed
Suitable for two-pipe central heating systems only

Check water temperature is hot enough to activate low temperature cut-out (LTC).
Vent screw accessible through grille

Rocker switch – normal/off/boost, below grille
Low temperature cut-out thermostat set to energise fan at approx. 35°C

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