Caspian Skyline® Ceiling Recessed Fan Convectors

Caspian Skyline

Caspian Skyline Ceiling mounted heater CT60 fits into a 600mm x 600mm ceiling tile, providing easy access for both installation and maintenance. It’s suitable for projects in schools, retail or food units or where the heating needs to complement the rest of the premise

  • The Caspian Skyline has been developed to provide a more easily installed ceiling tile fan convector to complement the Smith’s range of Caspian commercial fan convectors and may be used alone or in tandem with other Smith’s products
  • Plumbing easily into any wet central heating system, the Caspian Skyline will also work effectively and efficiently with renewable heat sources, such as air or ground source heat pumps

EC (BMS compliant) or AC

Casing: galvanised steel 1.2mm
Grille: Eggcrate core, white RAL 9010 complete with touch catches 

Class G2, 100% polyester, non-washable

Suitable for two-pipe central heating systems
Maximum installation height – 4m to underside
Unit must be earthed

Check water is hot enough to activate the low temperature
cut-out thermostat

Variable heat output controller (mounted within the products)

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