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Heat Loss Calculator

Our simple heat loss calculator is designed to provide a basic guide on the heat loss for the kitchen space based on the information supplied and the correct Space Saver plinth heater to provide the required amount of heat to heat the indicated space. It is the responsibility of the user to provide the correct information. The result is designed only to be a guide and should be checked by a qualified heating engineer.

It is likely that significant improvements have been made to older housing stock over the years including cavity wall insulation, loft insulation etc. The calculations used are based on a typical unimproved house of the age indicated.

Space Saver is available in hydronic (connects to the central heating system), electric and dual (hydronic and electric) versions. If the kitchen space to be heated is very large, then it maybe that you will need more than one Space Saver. If this is the case the heat loss calculator will suggest you contact Smith’s for further advice on the correct solution.

Please note: The calculations are based on a flow temperature (for hydronic Space Savers) from the heat source (boiler) of 70°C and to increase room temperature by a maximum of 23°C.

Space Saver Hydronic datasheet (includes dual version)

Space Saver Electric datasheet

If you require assistance, please contact our Technical Helpdesk – 01245 324560

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