Smith’s Website Refresh

The Smith’s website has been overhauled to make it reflect the company’s service and product offer. As Smith’s becomes more of a solution provider rather than a product manufacturer it was felt that the website needed some work to reflect this.

As Smith’s customers range from Home Owners and Kitchen Designers through to Architects, Building Services Engineers, Contractors and Wholesalers we needed to find a way to provide the information quickly and effortlessly for each customer group.

Our approach was to create a Home Page that demonstrated the different applications for Smith’s products. So rather than lead with a list of their products, we decided to create a section demonstrating the most common Applications – Education, Healthcare, and Office etc. We also created a section for to demonstrate the Domestic range of products and their applications in the home.

Within the Application areas you are then offered a list of rooms typically found within that Application. So for instance, in Education, you will see a list including Classroom, Sports Hall, Changing Rooms and a lot more. By clicking on the room from the list you want to heat, or cool, you are presented with a list of suitable products for that room type.

Clicking an image of one the suitable products you will be presented with a summary of that product and a list of the available downloads – Range Brochure, Datasheets and BIM files.

Other sections available from the Home Page are the latest Press Releases in the Media drop down, a full list of all available Downloads including the Installation Guides for the products, and a list of recent Case Studies where Smith’s products have been used.

Two useful features retained from the previous website is a list of Stockists for Smith’s products with addresses and contact details, and the ability to register for product warranties directly with Smith’s.

The job isn’t finished and over the next few months further improvements will be made to enhance the user experience of the website.

Learn more about Smith’s Environmental Products on our website: