UK Manufacturing

Based in the UK near Chelmsford Smith’s Environmental Products employs over 60 people in both Manufacturing, Technical, Administration and Sales roles. Founded in 1991 Smith’s has built its business employing skilled staff from the local area into an international business which now forms part of the Swan Group.

Proud of their manufacturing facility they can respond quickly to customer demands when their competitors often over promise and under deliver.

A true manufacturing facility Smith’s manufacture almost all of their products from scratch in the factory including the coils which most companies rely on other people to manufacture, often overseas, for them. Smith’s also bend and form the metal that make the casings for their products in their Essex factory.

With two spray paint booths Smith’s also can ensure the highest standards of finish for their products. The paint booths also give Smith’s the ability to paint their products any colour that customers require.

The limited components that Smith’s buy in from their suppliers, such as fans and motors, are always held in stock so that the complete products can be made quickly to ensure customers are not left waiting for their deliveries.

Smith’s work to ISO9001 (2015) and ISO14001 so that its customers can be sure that the highest standards are employed to provide customers with reassurances and certainty that the products they are receiving are of the highest quality.

Being able to manage the manufacture of their products means Smith’s is not dependent on their suppliers to meet their customers’ demands for products. Able to satisfy the demands of customers quicker than their competitors means that Smith’s can often get contractors out of a hole thus avoiding project over runs. Schools heating refurbishments are often where contractors turn to Smith’s to rescue their projects.