Caspian fan convectors creating comfort in a home

The National School (or church school), Llandeilo, Carmarthenshire was built in 1860 by W.M. Teulon, for Lord Dynevor. Built in brown stone with Bath dressings in an angular Gothic style, it is single storey, four bays, with big twin centre gables over four-light lancets, flanked on one side by a smaller gable with a big hipped timber porch, and on the other by a tower with gargoyles and a slated spire with an open bell-lantern.

In 1972 the school closed and over the years the building has been repurposed to be a bar, a restaurant and most recently a nursery. The building was bought 2 years ago and is in the process of being turned into a private home by the husband and wife owners. As it is a listed building careful consideration is required to maintain the historical features. The owner who has lived in the area for all of his life says both his father and uncle attended the school.

The challenge to convert a listed school building into a home requires some careful thought with the owners very keen to retain as many of the decorative features and structures as possible whilst making the buildings homely and comfortable. The owner is used to renovating buildings to become homes so is undertaking much of the work himself. One of the challenges to sort out was that of heating the building. To help find a solution he turned to Limegreen of Cardiff to advise on the most suitable way to heat the building.

The most challenging spaces to heat was what will be the main living area. With a floorspace of 116m2 and a vaulted ceiling with a maximum height to the apex being 7.5m. Consideration was given to the type of heating that would be suitable to overcome the significant heat losses of the main living area. Traditional radiators and underfloor heating were investigated but the heat losses would be too much for these types of heating.

As part of the new heating installation two new boilers were installed and whilst the other living areas could be heated adequately with traditional radiators the main living area, and the entrance hall, required something with much more heat output to overcome the heat losses. The owner, in consultation with Limegreen, selected Smith’s Caspian UV fan convectors as the solution to provide both the heat required but also the ability to heat the space quickly and efficiently. 4 Caspian UV fan convectors were installed in the property in total. 2 Caspian UV 180 and a Caspian UV 60 fan convectors were installed in the main living space. In the entrance hall a single Caspian UV 90 fan convector was installed.

The owners are absolutely delighted with the performance of the Caspian fan convectors “the Caspian fan convectors are superb, heating the main living space in 10 minutes, and they are very quiet too. We looked at other fan convectors, but Smith’s Caspian had the edge”.

Caspian fan convectors have been specially developed for a wide range of applications in larger spaces and commercial environments. With the ability to rapidly heat large areas at low cost, Caspian commercial fan convectors are both practical and energy efficient. They can be also installed in an adjacent room, or storage cupboard, with the warm air outlets positioned at the rear of the appliance and ducted into the adjacent room such as a sports hall or even a narrow corridor, permitting an obstruction free wall space. They can also be supplied in any colour to meet the demands of the installation location. Fully compatible with renewable energy technology, such as ground and air source heat pumps, Caspian can also enhance your environmental credentials.