Christ the Servant, Liverpool had warm welcome from Smith’s Caspians

0-SmithsChristtheServantinteriorRBMediaPR-WEBThe Client
Christ the Servant Church is situated in the heart of Digmoor, Skelmersdale. It was built in 1970 and is unusual in its design.

The Challenge
The church’s original fan convectors were installed in 1972. The maintenance programme had lapsed and the heating was performing poorly for the congregation. It was noisy and ineffective and so they were looking for quiet, cosy heating that would warm the building quickly and be easily controllable and cost-effective.

The Solution
The contractor, Colin Wakefield of Wakefield & Wilson, Garston, Liverpool, had already had experience of Smith’s fan convectors in a previous church. He recommended Smith’s Caspian Universals to Christ the Servant and installed. The church is now enjoying much warmer services. Smith’s Caspian Universal fan convectors have EC motors and are incredibly quiet. The church staff set the fan convectors to setting one which creates enough heat for everyone, with very low sound. From a cold start, the church is now warm within 40 minutes and clergy, wardens and congregation are extremely pleased and very comfortable. The contractor has also installed Caspians in a further three churches in the North-West.

The Products
Christ the Servant had six Caspian Universals, four 120s and two 90s, all fitted with EC motors. The low surface temperature (LST) surface of the Caspian also lends itself to a venue where a wide range of ages regularly come through the doors. Caspian fan convectors are compatible with all types of wet central heating systems. Whether connected to a conventional boiler or renewable technology, such as ground and air source heat pumps, they function equally efficiently. As with all Smith’s products, the Caspians come with a free five-year warranty for parts and labour.