St Patrick’s Parochial Hall

The Client
St Patrick’s Parochial Hall in Craigneuk, Wishaw, Scotland is a community resource, which is very widely used by the people of Craigneuk. It is at the heart of the community and used for a wide range of activities. Over the years the hall suffered from a lack of investment in terms of maintenance and repair. So much so that it was threatened with closure due to its very poor state of repair. St Patrick’s priest Fr Krzysztof states “Over a year ago we were in a precarious position in relation to the viability of our hall remaining in use due to this very poor state of repair.”

The Challenge
The whole hall was in such a state of disrepair that the work required to bring it up to standard included full central heating replacement, full rewiring, re-decoration, replacement of carpeting & floor coverings, repairs to the roof, all bathrooms also being upgraded as well as the kitchen areas. In fact a full scale refurbishment. The real challenge was the lack of funds to pay for all the required work. FR Krzysztof continues, “The central heating was a massive job for such a large building, the old system was defunct and very costly to run, (that’s when it was working, which wasn’t that often due to the age and terrible condition of the old system). It was then that Saltire Heating came in to help.”

The Solution
John Reynolds from Saltire Heating completed a survey of the building confirming that nothing less than a complete new heating system was required. Local councillor Gary Orourke became involved and a number of companies agreed to donate appliances and materials either FOC or at cost price. Mr. Reynolds decided on Smith’s Caspian High fan convectors to provide the heating for such a large area. They were selected because they were ‘excellent heaters’. Caspians were also selected because they could be hung high up on the wall out of the way of children, many of whom regular use the hall for organized clubs. Hanging them up on the wall also avoided disrupting the period wood paneling on the walls.

The Products
Caspian High fan convectors have been specially developed for a wide range of applications in larger spaces and commercial environments. With the ability to rapidly heat large areas at low cost, Caspian commercial fan convectors are both practical and energy efficient. Fully compatible with renewable energy technology, such as ground and air source heat pumps, Caspian can also enhance your environmental credentials.

Customer quote Fr Krzysztof “We will now be looking forward to many different community events taking place in our newly refurbished wonderful church hall. I can’t express enough the gratitude we feel for all involved and the hard work and incredible generosity of local businesses and staff such as Saltire Heating, Millbank Decorators and Mear`s group. We thank them and all the other vital people who were crucial in their part for this exceptional hall refurbishment.”