Eco-Powerad Fan Convectors

Eco-Powerad® Low

The Eco-Powerad® is the fan convector of the future – energy efficient, responsive and suitable for installation within any wet central heating system, driven by either boilers or low temperature renewable technology. Compact, with smooth lines to achieve visual simplicity, the Eco-Powerad® also features low surface temperature casing for complete safety.

Supplied as standard in white but can be supplied in any colour.


  • Very low operating sound – between 28 and 32 decibels (depending on the model)
  • Considerably smaller and lighter than the equivalent output radiator
  • Elegant, discreet design enhances and complements working spaces
  • Optional thermostatic radiator valves provide fully adjustable room temperature control
  • Available in a range of models to suit varying room sizes and heat output requirements
  • Hydronic fan convectors are capable of distributing heat efficiently and effectively, whatever the input water temperature

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