Smith’s Environmental Products host several leading heating engineers, plumbers and merchants in a ‘Pumpfest 2018’ event at their offices in Essex

Smith’s Environmental Products Ltd held a Pumpfest 2018 event at their offices and factory on the 5thJuly 2018 to discuss the central heating pump market. Attended by 14 key plumbers, heating engineers and merchants the event was designed to discuss the changing trends in heating pumps in the UK.

The day comprised of an introductory session followed by a brief presentation by Gary Haynes Managing Director of Smith’s Environmental Products Ltd and Stefano Salvi, General Manager of Taco Italia s.r.l., the manufacturers of the Smith’s ES2/Adapt pump. Following the presentations the group were given a tour of the Smith’s manufacturing facility before discussing the pump marketplace.

At the meeting the group were introduced to the Smith’s ES2/Adapt pump and they were very impressed by several of it’s revolutionary features, especially the ‘unblocking’ feature whereby the pump will sense if there is a blockage in the system caused by dirt and debris and will go through a series of up to 100 oscillating procedures. If it is unable to clear the blockage it will automatically shut down protecting the motor from burning out, and through a red LED light indicate its status, The LED indicator also indicates the status of the pump, green for normal operation, violet for Active Adapt where the pump works out the system demand twice every 30 minutes and adjusts the pump speed accordingly, flashing white LED to indicate another well regarded feature, Auto Air Detection. The pump senses air in the system and goes through an auto air release process.

The group were thoroughly impressed with the pump and can see how it will improve the installation of pumps as well as the LED indicator enabling them to discuss the symptoms of a central heating problem over the phone with their customers without first going to see whether the pump is at fault, then going to the merchants to get a replacement.

Formed in 1991 Smith’s Environmental Products has grown to become the leading supplier of domestic and light commercial fan-assisted hydronic heat emitters. Most of its range is product range is manufactured in-house in its specialist facilities in the UK. Smith’s has a tie up with some key specialist manufacturers in Europe to provide them with key products in its range of heating and cooling fan convectors. The company is the UK’s market leader and has significant shares of both the North American and European markets. Smith’s Environmental Products is a member of The Swan Group.

Smith’s has further exciting plans for their brand this year. For more information contact Smith’s on +44 1245 324900; visit; follow @SmithsEP_UK on Twitter, @SmithsEPUK on Facebook or Smith’s EP on LinkedIn; or email via

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