Dobre Dan! #MINIBbySmith’s!

MINIB by Smith’s is now clearly signposted on our website We’ve been making in-roads in this sector for the past three months, and seeing invitations flying in for Smith’s to supply all kinds of commercial projects, from community buildings to stately homes, with trench heating.

The relationship with MINIB came about because Smith’s was looking for new ways to grow our business, seeking like-minded partners who share our values of high quality and excellent service. Czech market-leaders MINIB were already a known presence in the UK market and we approached them, visiting their factory in Prague, in the summer of 2016. It became clear, very quickly, that we were quite similar and our ambitions for growth resonated with them profoundly.

Part of my remit is to grow the Smith’s portfolio and extend the reach of the Smith’s brand. There will be occasions when this means we break from tradition and bring in products under the Smith’s brand but sourced elsewhere. With MINIB, their heritage, reputation and brand gave us a clear vision to position MINIB heating products as MINIB by combining our brand names to reach a new audience, while providing reassurance to our existing customers.

We’re thrilled at the reception the MINIB by Smith’s commercial offering has received. Our regional sales team, strengthened by some new faces seasoned in the contractor specifier market, is meeting an interested audience who are pleased to see a new competent offering available. Of particular interest to a small sector of our customer base are the decorative natural convectors MINIB by Smith’s is offering to UK customers. These convectors can be wrapped with any image, logo, photograph or scene that the client chooses and provides an exciting and aesthetic addition to any commercial heating project. We’ve seen them in-situ in high profile business offices in Prague, high on the wall, branded with company logos and providing heating for the reception area. This is an element of our commercial offering that is sparking interest and the whole-building heating solution we now offer, comprising fan convectors, trench heating and bespoke products wherever and whenever the project requires, is attracting a customer base we haven’t previously encountered.

There is a huge amount going on and it’s exhilarating to see how far we’ve come already. Next month we will be charged with the MINIB by Smith’s offering and the Caspian commercial fan convector range; our technical team is working apace to develop new accessories, controls and bespoke fan convectors to meet the challenges the construction industry faces every day when it comes to designing heatingat ISH to meet with some of our European partners. Our sales team is. We are punching above our weight and the #MINIBbySmith’s is a great stepping stone to encourage our customers, new and old, to #ThinkSmiths!