Caspian (UV, SL, FF, TT, EXT) Fan Convectors

Caspian UV

Caspian SL

Caspian FF

Caspian TT

Caspian EXT

CASPIAN UV – One heating solution, suitable for high, low or ceiling mounted applications

CASPIAN SL – Warm air is discharged at an upward 45° angle to avoid causing discomfort to people sitting adjacent to appliance and with chamfered profile to avoid sharp corners

CASPIAN FF – Can be installed in an adjacent room, or storage cupboard, with the warm air outlets positioned at the rear of the appliance and ducted into the adjacent room such as a sports hall or even a narrow corridor, permitting an obstruction free wall space

CASPIAN TT – Warm air is discharged from the upper surface to avoid causing discomfort to people sitting adjacent to the appliance

CASPIAN EXT – Warm air is delivered at 1.7m from the base/floor level and the heater can be installed as a freestanding appliance

Caspian Commercial Series

The Caspian Commercial Series by Smith’s is a range of fan convectors suitable for all kinds of commercial applications, from churches to office developments, with the ability rapidly heat large areas with much greater efficiency than other heat emitters. Caspian fan convectors are both a practical and high quality heating solution for any commercial project.

Incorporating the latest EC motor technology, which can result in running-cost savings as high as 80%, and with variable speed control as standard, the Caspian delivers heat quickly and quietly. AC motor models are available on request.

Like all Smith’s fan convectors, Caspian Commercial units are compatible with most types of wet central heating systems, functioning equally efficiently with conventional boilers, biomass technology or ground or air source heat pumps.

The Smith’s technical sales team are available to offer free, no-obligation advice on the best heating solution for an almost exhaustive range of commercial applications.


  • Heating solutions for a variety of applications
  • Uses EC motor technology to achieve even greater cost savings (up to 80%), significantly reduced motor sound, simpler controls and fully variable heat output options
  • Provides rapid response heating and superior heat distribution for large and difficult to heat areas
  • Available in a range of models to suit varying room sizes and heat output requirements
  • Optional wall-mounted room controls offer greater versatility

Mounting options